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Top FAQs

1.Why Netflix Can't support Wireless Screen Mirroring?

Because some Streaming Media apps like Netflix has Copyright Protection, they limits Wireless Screen Mirroring.

2.Why does the projector not show the picture after connecting with HDMI cable?

After connecting projector to devices with HDMI cable, then you need click the HDMI button in the projector’s setting page.

3.Why my Android device can’t connect to projector with USB cable?

Because various brands of Android phones use different versions of Android OS, only part of the Android OS can be adapted, so only a few Android phones support wired connections.

4.Why I can’t download apps from Google Store?

If you want to download apps from Google Store, you need to prepare your own Google account and log in.

5.Why does Wireless Screen Mirroring occasionally get stuck?

Because the Wireless Screen Mirroring uses WIFI to mirror, the network condition will affect it.

6.Sometimes the projector doesn't run smoothly.

If this happens to the projector, please shut down and restart it.

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